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Abbey Estes

I have always been a flower child. Nature is what inspires me most. When we have the chance my family is always planning our next road trip around some national park. We always make room to bring back more of "mommy's" plants, and always find antique stores and cool rock shops to get our souvenirs from. My artwork often reflects the colors and textures or feelings you get in nature.


 I grew up with my dad timing my showers so I've always been environmentally conscious. I remember learning about environmental issues in college and feeling the weight of the world. Every little bit I can do will help my kids and future generations succeed. I love to take old things that would otherwise be garbage and make them beautiful and useful again. This has made me a hoarder of odd useless things but you never know when inspiration will strike. I had old piano keys for at least 3 years before I came up with the idea to make my kitchen island chandelier out of them.


Art is in my blood. My grandmother was an amazing artist and since I can remember I've always said "I want to be an artist when I grow up." I went to college for art education but I got to the point where all I had left was education classes and I couldn't do it. I NEEDED my studio classes so I switched my major to studio arts. I dabbled in many mediums but I specialize in painting, glass fusing, upcycled functional art and ceramics. I intend to offer various art and plant classes depending on what we are working on in the shop. When you walk in my doors, it's not just a plant shop, it's also a part working art studio/ gallery/ gift shop of sorts.


Having had mental health struggles throughout my life I thought becoming a certified reiki master couldn't hurt. Reiki along with counseling helped me dive into my spiritual side which I've always known had been there but was untapped for years. You will find tarot and oracle cards, spiritual & humorous books along with sage and crystals in my shop. My struggles have been a significant part of my life and I wouldn't be where I am today without facing those struggles and pushing through. 


I grew up with my mom's houseplants. She kept the common beauties and I fell in love. I started collecting in college.  I would buy.... they would die.... I just love plants so much that I started doing more research and learning how to properly care for them. The more I learned, the more interested I was in rare plants. I was immediately hooked. I like being different and it became fun hunting for plants you can't just find at any garden center. In my shop you will find rare and unusual plants along with my favorite common beauties.


We have 3 cats and 3 Catalpa trees on our property so I dubbed my house CatTalpa Manor. My business sells a bit of me. Things I like, things I make, a vibe and a lifestyle of sorts. I collect and sell rare and unusual plants, I make artwork and sell quirky vintage wares as well as making functional upcycled Art. I plan to include selling fresh flowers as well as crystals, sage, books and more. I hand-pick and sell what I love so when you come to my shop you are presented with a thoughtfully curated selection.

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